We will not be having our traditional gathering this Sunday morning 4/28. Instead, we will be gathering in a different way by serving in our community with Discover Doylestown for street clean up in downtown Doylestown. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at streamsong@streamsongchurch.com

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What Can I Expect on Sundays?

What does a typical Sunday morning look like at Streamsong? Let us take you step by step…

WELCOME. When you drive into our Shady Retreat Road location, you’ll find ample parking. You’ll be warmly greeted and welcomed by somebody at the front door and inside.

DRESS CODE. You’ll notice that there is no dress code at Streamsong. We want to feel comfortable to come as we are and to be ourselves, exactly how God wants us to approach Him!

CAFE. Traditionally, you’d have the option to go to the welcome center and grab some coffee, a donut or bagel, and make some friends. However during this time of COVID-19, we are not offering coffee or donuts. In this case, you can go straight to the sanctuary, grab a seat, and meet some friends that way too!

KIDS. Traditionally, if you have children, you would have the option of checking them into their age appropriate class before the service begins. Our children’s programs have been designed to entertain your children while teaching them about Jesus in a lesson suited to their age level. Our teams have been staffed by caring volunteers who have gone through a background screening and who are passionate about teaching young people about Jesus. However, during this time of COVID-19, we are not offering traditional child care, rather "modified child care". This care entails quiet activities for children in a distinct and separate space from the sanctuary yet easily accessible to parents if needed. 

MUSIC. The service begins at 10:00am with two songs, a welcome from a Pastor, and one more song. At Streamsong, our desire is not to put on a "show", but to worship with understated excellence. We choose songs that have strong, Biblically accurate lyrics. We play in a style that is designed to engage and encourage the church. We use a blend of modern anthems and timeless hymns with the specific intention of inviting the church to worship God. Our band typically includes a mixture of voices, guitars, bass, drums and keyboards.

MESSAGE. After three songs of worship, a roughly 30-minute message from scripture will be shared. We allow the scriptures to guide our teaching. A majority of our preaching is walking systematically through books of the Bible and understanding what the meaning of the book is and each text with in. Every message is designed to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to our lives and our everyday practical issues, including but not limited to, stress, debt, our marriages, families, relationships, work, purpose, and more.

THE LORDS SUPPER. There is no prescription in scripture about how often we should observe The Lords Supper. At Streamsong, we observe The Lords Supper about once per month, immediately after the message.

GOODBYE. After the message, we will engage in one closing worship song. If you checked in any children before the service for the modified child care, you won't want to forget to pick them up!! All in all, our services will last about an hour. If our Pastor is on a roll, it could last up to an hour and ten minutes! But more often than not, you can expect a service to be about an hour. When you leave, you will be sent off warmly by somebody!

That is Sunday morning in a nutshell at Streamsong. Give us a visit, we would love to meet you!