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We love, value, and celebrate serving. The streamTEAM will be the cumulative group of people who serve at Streamsong Church. The streamTEAM will consist of the men, women and youth who will serve on Sunday mornings and other capacities outside of Sunday mornings. There will always be room for people to serve! These groups will be crucial, without them we won't be able to function. You will have an excellent opportunity to invest some of your time in a very practical demonstration of serving the church and one another. Serve with us! If you would like any more information on any of these serving opportunities, please contact streamsong@streamsongchurch.com.

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streamsongKIDS TEAM 
We will offer Sunday morning children's programs for ages 0-2, 2-4, 4-7, and 7-12. If you have a particular heart for children, we encourage you to contact us to learn more and get involved!

Everybody should say "hello", but this is the "hello" team. This team will consist of our parking volunteers and greeters. This is a crucial ministry that makes certain that everyone, from the moment they park their car to walking in our doors, knows that they are welcome and we are excited to have them at Streamsong. This ministry requires a willingness to smile, greet others, and recognize opportunities to help people connect at our Sunday morning services.

The cafeTEAM will serve in our cafe on Sunday mornings. Our guests and regular attendees will be blessed by our coffee and basic breakfast items, but most importantly our service and smiles.

This productionTEAM will include our Sunday morning audio & video team who play a crucial role in creating the worship experience, from the worship music sound, to the TV screen presentations, to the video recording of the service. The productionTEAM will also consist of those gifted in creating video work for other uses within the church. If you have an interest in this area, we encourage you to connect with us!

If you have a musical talent and are interested in serving in one of our worship bands, please contact us. We can talk with you about the current needs on the team and our practice and serving schedules.

The hospitalityTEAM will not have regular Sunday morning duties. Rather, they will seek to serve members of our church community who are in need of assistance from our church body. They provide meals for families with newborn babies or for people who are ill.

Churches need able-minded people to help maintain facilities, make recommendations, and organize projects. This team will play a crucial role in stewarding our facility resources!