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In streamKIDS, our desire is threefold: First, our desire is to create a safe environment for our children on Sunday mornings. Second, our desire is to create a process that parents can trust. Third, our desire is to creatively engage with and teach the exciting and dynamic truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is for everyone, even the little ones! Our desire is to bring the Gospel to their level and help them apply it to their lives. We focus on learning about Jesus through the entirety of scripture, scripture memory work, activity pages, and occasionally games, crafts and treats.


On Sunday mornings, when you walk into our building, simply ask somebody to direct you to the streamKIDS room. All of our volunteers have their State and Federal background checks completed and updated.

Our kids ministry is currently for ages 4-8. The kids begin worshipping with the adults prior to the sermon. After the third song, the teachers bring the kids into the kids ministry room. The ministry consists of about 30-35 minutes of a bible lesson and activity.

We cut the ministry off at age 9 because we believe by the age of 9, kids are able to reasonably particpate in adult worship and experience and learn the important ryhthmes of adult worship, hearing a sermon, note taking, etc.

The ministry is currently bi-weekly to provide both child-focused discipleship along with opportunity to worship as a family. There is also always one teacher and one assistant.

Although we encourage it, parents never have to feel obligated to bring their kids aged 0-3 into the ministry room during the service. We don't mind having the kids in the sanctuary because we're one big family!

We do not baptize babies or children under the ages of 6 or any children who cannot accurately communicate what baptism is or God’s plan for salvation. We do however dedicate children. During these dedications, we invite families to join us as we pray over our children and offer them to God as a community and parental unit. It is a time in which we commit to these children as friends, family, and brothers and sisters in Christ, and discipling them in the truth of the gospel.

If you have a passion and gifting in teaching children, and an interest in sharing in building a kids ministry from the ground up, contact us at streamsong@streamsongchurch.com OR fill out our volunteer form.