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Internship Program

Our church strives to focus on leadership development in a unique and practical way. Consider engaging in an internship with us and becoming a "LID" (Leader in Development).

Internship length: At least 6 months, we'd prefer 1 year or more
Financial compensation: Yes, negotiable

What do we look for in a LID? A person who is...

>> ...settled in their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ
>> ...humble and is willing to learn from others
>> ...fluid in their ability to manuever through the changing world of church ministry

LIDS can potentially experience any of the following
(but not limited to the following): 

>> Consider (not a must) obtaining a part-time job in the community we are reaching
>> Learn what discipleship is and how to engage people in discipleship
>> Learning how to prepare and preach sermon(s)
>> Conceptualizing, planning and executing a sermon series
>> Leading/teaching scripture in a small group environment
>> Serving on Sunday mornings in various ways as needed
>> Engage in discipleship with the Pastor & other leaders in the church
>> Receive practical teaching from pastors/leaders around the region
>> Lead and participate in fun and practical ministry projects
>> Learn how to plant a church
>> Plan a missions trip if possible
>> Engagement with the Del Val University student ministry as our representative
>> Local outreach/community service planning and execution
>> Develop financial knowledge of a growing ministry
>> Officiating the Lords Supper
>> Hospital visits when possible
>> Researching biblical themes when possible for the purposes of ministry in a church

A LID's experience will be shaped by two things.

FIRST, the season the church is in. Interns can experience ministry in a brand new church differently than they would if they were interning in a well established church. Every year God brings new and different ministry challenges, obstacles, and opportunities to the church. We should have an intentional plan for interns, but the interns also need to be flexible when facing unexpected turns based on the season the church is in. 

SECOND, the season the intern is in. An interns experience will vary based on where he/she is in their walk with Christ, and how open their hearts are to whatever comes their way. There is very little routine in ministry and days and weeks and months often look different. Some days might be busier than others, and some weeks might be busier than others. The more fluid the intern and church leadership can be, the better.

How do I apply?

Click HERE for the Internship Application.

**Applying doesn't necessarily mean your committing to the internship, rather it is also serves as a way to make a connection point, dialogue with us, and find out more information.

Thank you!