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What I Learned in Serving Sunday Morning


This past Sunday morning, we got out of the routine of our comfort zone in our Sunday morning services and instead during that time, we served in the community with Discover Doylestown in a street cleanup project in which we walked, armed with gloves and trash bags, through the streets of Doylestown picking up litter. We did this because we believe that Church is not just ...

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Why Should I Tithe?


What is "tithing"? What does it have to do with Jesus? Why should I engage in it?...

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Lens Crafting


In trying to live the life God wants us to live, our problem may not be what we’re looking at, rather it may be what we’re NOT looking at. ...

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Purpose In The Procession


Are you having a hard time reconciling your every day life with the victory that Jesus has brought to us on the cross? ...

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Hiding Places


When the heat is on, where do you hide? Where you hide is the difference between moving forward and lagging behind....

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The Chase


Do you feel like you're being chased? When you start chasing after Jesus, what's chasing you is left in the dust....

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Finishing Touches


Following Jesus is a process. God started something in us and He promises to finish it!...

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Face the Facts


What's holding you back may not be your limitations but your lack of belief in God's capabilities...

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